Acorralada (Trapped) was an American telenovela shot between 2006 and 2007; as of October 2008, it has been sold to more than 50 countries and it has been hugely successful around the world, making it the most successful Miami produced telenovela.

Fedora Garces a.k.a. La Gaviota’s life was perfect, until somebody killed her husband, took her children, her fortune and her entire life from her. Years later Diana, and her younger sister Gaby, went to work in the Irazábal mansion. Diana worked as a nurse for Doña Santa. Gaby, Diana’s younger sister, worked as a maid in the Mansion, fell in love with Octavia’s son Larry. When Bruna discovered Gaby’s letters to Larry, she burned them. Larry was angry with Bruna, and eventually married Gaby in Las Vegas, only because out of grief for his previous fiancee who had left him at the altar.

Diana fell in love with Maximiliano, the oldest of the Irazabal siblings, but Maximiliano is struck by a strange suspicion that he’s seen her somewhere before. And indeed he has. His closest friend, Dr. Ignacio Montiel, attempted to rape her, and she fought back, nearly burning down the apartment complex where Ignacio lived. He saw her being led away in handcuffs, falsely accused of attempted murder. Maximiliano turned against her when he discovered the truth and that she was about to go on trial for the crime, but they reconciled when it was discovered that Ignacio had perjured himself, as had several other witnesses testifying for him.

Fedora has made a comfortable life for herself as a singer in a local watering hole, but she desperately wants to find her two children and clear her name. Eventually, she does, and finds out that they are none other than Diana and Gaby! She also discovers that it was Octavia Irazabal who framed her and stole her fortune as revenge for having an affair with her husband. In grand fashion, la Gaviota kicks the Irazabal family out into the streets and takes back her perfume business from Octavia. Although she initially forbids Diana and Gaby from ever seeing the Irazabal brothers again, both men convince her of their true love for her daughters.  love, betrail, revenge, money, power and much more all in ACCORALADA.




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