Alguien Te Mira (Someone’s Watching You) is a Spanish-language telenovela to be produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.

Rodrigo Quintana, Piedad Estévez, Julián García and Benjamín Morandé are inseparable friends. Full of ideals and future personal projects, they study medicine and dream of working together.

Rodrigo is the most intelligent and has the most charm. He’s the natural leader of the group. Because of his personality, Piedad falls in love with him. They shared their lives and are passionately in love. In the mean time, Julián loves her silently. But the rough life of Quintana and his drug and alcohol addiction ended up breaking his relationship with Piedad. His actions took him to a point where he disappeared from his friends lives, after an incident that left a dead body and Piedad in hospital room. After this incident, Piedad was never the same person.

Rodrigo Quintana left his friends and his studies to enter a rehabilitation clinic outside Chicago.

Chicago, 2010

Five years later, while Quintana opted for a good lifestyle in a rural clinic, his friends are partners in a plastic surgery clinic, and have made a small fortune, as plastic surgeons of well to do clients. Just when Benjamín, Julián and Piedad had forgotten about the past, the three doctors find out about Rodrigo Quintana’s return, after years in Europe. His return affects everyone’s lives and breaks Piedad’s daily routine, while realizing that Rodrigo is still the love of her life.

Julián —divorced for a year from Matilde, becomes interested in Piedad again. However, he fears that the story could repeat all over again if Rodrigo takes away the love of this life, Piedad. Rodrigo and Piedad reconnect and she eventually becomes pregnant. Unfortunately, Rodrigo’s addiction re starts. Piedad lives him and Julian jumps in to claim her heart.

But love will not be the only thing that will affect this group of friends. While they were all present at a social event, they are witnesses to a crime. The victim, María Gracia Carpenter, a very well known woman of society, will be the third death that torments the city.

Before her, the mysterious disappearance of Angela Argento, a sophisticated executive, was very closely followed by the media and the police. All the events suggested that they are in the presence of a serial killer, whose victims are beautiful, well to do, independent women. Every victim is assassinated in the same style: a deep and accurate cut in the chest to take away their hearts.

The lead police detective Eva Zanetti is in charge of the investigation. Everyone is a suspect. Slowly the circle will tighten itself and the suspects will begin to be questioned. Only one is the killer. With the passing of the days, one will know his or her identity. Eva, the major detective in this project believes that the reporter is the killer. He’s a voyageur, spying people in windows, having sexual relationships, and also video tapping himself with his lovers in the act. Later on, Eva is kidnapped by the serial killer, known as “El Cazador”, who kills each victim one by one by cutting out their hearts. Eva tries to escape from “El Cazador”, by getting out through a window, trying to climb a high fence. Unfortunately, she fails in her intent and the killer re-captures her.

On November 23rd, it’s finally revealed that Julian is the serial assassin. On the following episode Julian murders Eva, making her Julian’s 7th victim. Eva’s body was found in a public park, by random Bike riders. Eva is laid to rest with a full police ceremony. However, and unlike the other victims who were found naked, Eva’s body was dressed in a black dress and wearing a pearl’s necklace. This evidence will be key to the investigation. Later, it is revealed that these items belonged to Julians’s mother.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo befriends Daniela Franco, a therapist at the rehabilitation center he’s attending in his efforts to stop his addiction and regain Piedad’s love. Days later, Piedad and Julian see them dining in a restaurant. Piedad is feels quite jealous of the budding friendship and confronts them. Aside from that, we see hints that Julian is marking Daniela as his next victim. In reality, he is trying to frame Rodrigo for the murders in order to keep Piedad. We also begin to peek into the causes of his killer’s personality,Other events that occurred in the Novela.



Main Cast In Order of Appearance

Actor Character Known as
Danna Garcia Piedad Estévez Main heroine, in love with Rodrigo
Christian Meier Rodrigo Quintana Main hero, in love with Piedad -Piedad’s ex-boyfriend,
Rafael Amaya Julian García Main villain, in love with Piedad, Matilde’s ex-husband.
David Chocarro Benjamin Morandé Tatiana’s husband, a womanizer & associate of Piedad and Julian
Geraldine Bazan Tatiana Wood associate of Matilde, wife of Benjamin, Julian’s lover
Karla Monroig Matilde Larraín Julian’s ex-wife, mother of Emilio.
Angelica Celaya Eva Zanetti Police detective. Has a relationship with Julian. 7th victim of the murderer
Rodrigo de la Rosa Pedro Pablo Penafiel Lawyer;Benjamin, Julian and Piedad’s associate, Dolores’husband.
Ximena Duque Camila Wood Tatiana’s sister. Benjamin’s lover
Yul Burkle Mauricio Ostos Reporter. Has a relationship with Matilde, 9th victim of the murderer (sadistically murdered)
Evelin Santos Luisa Carvajal Police detective
Diana Franco Dolores “Lola” Morandé Benjamin’s Sister, Pedro Pablo’s wife.
Carlos Garin Angel Maldonado Police prosecutor
Alba Raquel Barros Yoyita The Penafiel’s housekeeper.
Iván Hernández Jiménez Police detective
Andrés Mistage Sánchez Police detective
Cynthia Olavarría Lucy Saldana Villain. A masseuse at the clinic. In love with Pedro Pablo.
Roberto Gatica Nicolas The boy who knows who killed the women; Blanca Gordan’s son
Andres Cotrino Emilio García Larraín Only Son of Julian and Matilde
Sofia Sanabria Amparo Daughter of Police Detective Eva Zanetti
Ariana Muniz Maria Esperanza Penafiel Morande Youngest daughter of Dolores and Pedro Pablo
Nicole Arci Maria Teresa Penafiel Morande Middle daughter of Dolores and Pedro Pablo
Natalie Medina Maria Penafiel Morande Oldest daughter of Dolores and Pedro Pablo
Zuleyka Rivera Rocio Lynch Tatiana and Camila’s cousin. Benjamin’s lover . 6th victim of the murderer
Daniel Fernándes Benjita Tatiana’s and Benjamin’s son.
Emily Alvarado Isadora Tatiana’s and Benjamin’s daughter

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