El Rostro de Analía (The Face of Analia) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the American-based television network Telemundo. It stars Elizabeth Gutierrez, Martin Karpan, Maritza Rodriguez and the special appearance of Gaby Espino. Written by Venezuelan writer Humberto “Kiko” Olivieri, the story is loosely based on María, María which starred Alba Roversi and Mexican soap star Arturo Peniche in Venezuela, and was also written by Olivieri. The novela is directed by David Posada and Danny Gaviria; with Jairo Arcila as General Producer and Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol as Executive Producer.

The story begins in the city of Los Angeles, where secret agent Ana Lucia (Elizabeth Gutierrez) has been given the mission of apprehending one of the most cunning and lethal criminal master minds in the country, Ricky Montana (Gabriel Porras). Ana Lucia (referred to as Analia by her fellow cops) goes undercover as a stripper and starts working at a night club where Ricky Montana has frequently been spotted. After many nights of watching her performances, Montana starts to fall for Analia and, little by little, lets her in on his mafia operations. The police’s plan is working, and Agent Analia will soon have gathered enough evidence to bring Montana to jail. However, after spotting Analia with a cop at the club, Ricky Montana grows doubts about his beloved stripper and starts to question her identity. Fearing that Montana might have discovered that she is indeed a cop herself, Analia grows determined to prove to Montana her loyalty to him, but Ricky Montana comes up with a diabolical plan that will truly reveal Analia’s identity to him: Montana asks Analia to murder Mariana Montiel (Gaby Espino), a young and successful businesswoman who lives right there in Los Angeles. He knows that if Analia is indeed a cop, she will never agree to such a thing. Analia accepts the task.

Analia targets Mariana Montiel,who on her anniversary, unfortunately discovers that her husband, Daniel Montiel (Martin Karpan), has been cheating on her all along with her cousin, Sara Andrade (Maritza Rodriguez). Mariana cannot believe it and goes into a state of depression. She starts drinking heavily and leaves in Daniel’s car the night of the anniversary party. Much to her surprise, she is stopped by an armed Analia, who forces herself into Mariana’s car. Analia tells Mariana that she has been ordered to kill her and that her employer’s most trusted men are following them to make sure that the job gets done. Analia also tells Mariana that she actually has no intention of hurting her, and that if she drives away at full speed, they will be able to lose Montana’s men and hopefully fake the whole thing. But drunken Mariana has lost her will to live after discovering her husband’s betrayal. She purposely drives the car off a cliff, where it falls hundreds of feet down into the road, explodes, and kills them both.

The explosion is witnessed by a mad scientist named Dr. Armando Rivera (Daniel Lugo), who was on his way home after a scholarly presentation on cell cloning. Dr. Rivera is able to retrieve Mariana’s corpse from within the burning car, but Analia’s body is nowhere to be found. Instead of calling an ambulance, Dr. Rivera takes Mariana to his laboratory where he intends to try out a new experiment that, if done properly, will bring Mariana back to life. The doctor is set on saving Mariana’s life because his wife died in a similar fashion, and he was unable to do anything to save her. His operation is successful, but Mariana’s body is still extremely burned, and thus, unrecognizable. His assistant, Roberto (Jorge Consejo), shows Dr. Rivera a purse he found close to the burning car. Assuming that it fell out of one of the car’s windows during the fall and that it belongs to the woman the doctor had just resurrected, he shows him its contents. Inside the purse is a card that reads ‘ANALIA’ and a photograph of the cop. Dr. Rivera assumes this to be Mariana and sets out to reconstruct her face like that of Analia’s. He and his assistant keep all this secret from the police in fear of going to jail for illegal experimentation on nonliving test subjects and unlicensed plastic surgical operations. Though it takes the doctor four years to make Mariana “as good as new,” his work is so exceptionally well done that there is no physical trace of Mariana (now with the face of Analia) ever having experienced a car explosion. However, not everything turned out perfectly because, after much research on her part, an amnesiac Mariana—who believes herself to be Analia—realizes that if she is indeed who she thinks she is, going back to being an undercover cop and arresting Montana is the correct thing to do. Mariana is now forced to confront the dark and dangerous past of her “murderer.” From this moment on, she will live a double life that unleashes a battle between love and, later on, her desire for vengeance.

Mariana has fallen in love with none other than Daniel Montiel, but she does not realize he is in fact her husband—the same person who cheated on her with her cousin Sara. However, as their relationship develops, Daniel tells who he believes to be Analia of his life with his wife Mariana and the stupid mistake he made. It soon becomes evident that Mariana’s cousin Sara had been the one who had pressured a weak Daniel into the affair. Furthermore, when Daniel and “Analia” start going out, Mariana’s daughter Adrianita grows fond of who she does not realize is her mother. Unfortunately, Mariana’s ambitious mother Carmen (Zully Montero) sees “Analia,” unaware that she is indeed Mariana, as a threat to the family fortune, for if she marries Daniel, the Montiel inheritance might escape her greedy hands yet again.

Mariana, believing herself to be Analia, has now officially taken over the real Analia’s mission, but nobody knows, not even herself, her true identity. “Retrained” (in reality, barely just trained for the first time) by the FBI, a new Mariana has her mind set on bringing down Montana and his operations. Mariana uses her sensuality to win Ricky Montana’s heart, and the ignorant drug dealer once again falls for the woman who he believes to be the stripper Ana Lucia. But the story takes a twist when Mariana slowly starts to remember who she really is, that she is not Agent Analia, that she is not on a mission to bring down the drug trafficker Ricky Montana, and that her husband is actually the same man she is currently going out with. Coincidentally, at the same time, it is revealed that the real Analia is very much alive. the novela goes on with a very powerfull plot and surprises never stops in this novela ,things are just getting better and better.


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