La Mujer de Judas is a telenovela produced by RCTV in Venezuela in 2002. Astrid Carolina Herrera (Altagracia), Chantal Baudaux (Gloria), Juan Carlos Garcia (Salomon) as the main character and directed and created by Martin Hahn which is consist of 126 episodes.


A dark secret which was securely kept hidden after all these years, connects the six friends Altagracia, Juaca, Ricarda, Marina, Chichita and Laura. During the day of the wedding of Altagracia to a man she will marry for money named Julian, a man tries to rape Laura in the basement of the wine distilleries. Her friends accidentally kills him in the impulse of anger. The girls realize too late what they had done. They are shocked to see Padre Sebastian witness their crime. He asks them to report what happened to the police, but they reject the idea. Sebastian departs. Then the friends agreed to hide the corpse inside the wall, each of them leaving the basement in search for the priest, fearing, that he will tell the police. But when Altagracia found him, he was already dead inside the confession box of the church and with that she was incarcerated for that crime. Altagracia spent 20 years in prison in order to hide the crime of her mother.

There is an additional mystery in this series, Gloria is the daughter of Altagracia and Padre Sebastian. Only Altagracia and Juaca know about this secret. When Altagracia was pregnant, she entrusted Gloria to Juaca. Altagracia and Juaca vowed never to tell anyone the truth and Juaca took care of Gloria as her own daughter.

Gloria comes back to the town of Carora from the city exactly on the day Altagracia will be set free from prison after 20 years. She chooses the legend of The Wife of Judas as the subject of her groups’ final documentary as a final university requirement. As they try to solve this 20 year old mystery they uncover more and more secrets but every time Gloria sees a specter of the late priest, a horrible murder happens. They are said to have been killed by a “ghost” garbed in a wedding dress, whose face is hidden behind a mask looking like a skull which they call as La Mujer de Judas. The bodies of the victims where often seen depicting a scene of a martydom of a saint. It will play in the minds of our heroes and the police. Who is the Wife of Judas? What is her motive? Is it money, revenge or something more? But no one will be able to solve the mystery.


  • Chantal Baudaux as Gloria Leal
  • Juan Carlos Garcia as Salomon Vaisman
  • Astrid Carolina Herrera as Altagracia Del Toro
  • Luis Gerardo Nuñez as Marcos Rojas Paul
  • Gledys Ibarra as Marina Batista
  • Julie Restifo as Joaquina Leal / La Juaca
  • Javier Vidal as Ludovico Agüero del Toro
  • Dora Mazzone as Chichita Agüero del Toro
  • Fedra López as Ricarda Araujo
  • Kiara as Laura Briceño
  • Albi de Abreu as Alirio Agüero del Toro
  • Roberto Moll (Buenaventura Briceño)
  • Karl Hoffman (Ernesto Sinclair)
  • Ambar Diaz (Petunia López Redill)
  • Mirela Mendoza (Emma Brandt Echenagucia)
  • Nacho Huett (Ismael Agüero del Toro)
  • Estefania Lopez (Cordelia Araujo Ramírez)
  • Concetta Lo Dolce (Sagrario del Toro)
  • Sandy Olivares (Renato (René) Fabianni)
  • Alejandro Otero (Pancho Cañero)
  • Kareliz Ollarves (Micaela Bellorín)
  • Juan Carlos Tarazona (Padre Sebastián)
  • Freddy Aquino (Gabriel Perdomo)
  • Betty Ruth (Berenice del Toro)
  • Elisa Stella (Isabel)
  • Virginia Vera (Santia)
  • Alberto Alvarez
  • Juan Carlos Gardie (Julian Morera)
  • Veronica Ortiz
  • Francis Romero
  • Rodolfo Renwick (Simon)
  • Marcos Campos (Leoncio)
  • Deyalit López (Lila Alvarez)
  • Liliana Melendez (Rebeca)
  • Susej Vera (Lorena)
  • Ileana Aloma (Ivonne)
  • Martin Arango
  • Alexander Arias
  • Josemith Bermudez (???)
  • Andres Borras
  • Liber Chiribao
  • Melida Marmol
  • Vestalia Mejia
  • Daniela Motola
  • Kristin Pardo (Carmen Rosaura Guerrero)
  • Marielena Pereira (Irma)
  • Rhandy Piñango (Calixto)
  • Mariayeya Polanco
  • Jose Quijada
  • Katiuska Rivas
  • Neo Rodriguez
  • Miguel A. Rodriguez (Pitercito)
  • Jose Urdaneta

La Mujer de Judas-TRAILER:




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