Pasión de Gavilanes (“Passion of Hawks”) was a popular Colombian telenovela (soap opera) that ran for 188 episodes, from 2003 to 2004.

The plot centered around the three Reyes brothers, Juan, Oscar and Franco (played by Mario Cimarro, Juan Alfonso Baptista, and Michel Brown). Gabriela is the wife of a rich ranch owner and her husband had been having an affair with the Reyes brothers’ younger sister- Libia (played by Ana Lucía Domínguez). Libia fell in love with him and when the old hacienda owner died, she committed suicide. The Reyes brothers put the blame of the death of their sister with the Elizondo household and plot revenge with them by pretending to be construction workers/house makers in their hacienda. The Reyes brothers unexpectedly fall for the three daughters, Norma, Jimena and Sarita (played by Danna Garcia, Paola Rey, and Natasha Klauss) of the wealthy widow Gabriela Elizondo (played by veteran actress Kristina Lilley), who owns a neighboring hacienda.

Juan Reyes is a tall, strong man with shoulder length brown hair. He is the most protective, especially of Libia. He is usually quiet and calm, but when provoked he can be very impulsive. He is deeply hurt by his sister’s death, since he loved her very much. He is ready to revenge Libia’s death, by tricking Bernando’s daughters as he had done to Libia. When he meets Norma, he is amazed by her beauty and feels a connection between them. She has long light brown hair and has an exquisite face. She was raped by intruders and was forced to marry a rather insensitive man to escape family shame. She is shaken and can not accept for any man to touch her, including her husband. But when she meets Juan, all those fears go away and she falls in love with him. After many obstacles, they later marry and have a baby boy, Juan David who has Norma’s pale skin and Juan’s large eyes.

Oscar Reyes is the second oldest. He is handsome, well-built and has a beautiful smile. He can be arrogant, rude and very greedy at times. But he is a good man at heart and is incredibly clever. And sometimes he schemes to get money, like for example he makes his younger brother go on dates with older, rich woman to make money. Jimena is a beautiful girl who wants to live life to the fullest and immediately takes a liking to the Reyes brothers. She truly does fall in love with Oscar and is joyed when he asks her to marry him. At first he is mostly interested in her money, but has to admit that there is something special about her. As time passes, he discovers that he loves far more than he expected to. He learns that love is much more important than money and that he would`t care if she was rich or poor as long as she was at his side.

Franco Reyes is smaller than his brothers, and is more relaxed than his family. He has blond hair, blue eyes and has a rather innocent face. People mostly do take advantage of his kindness. He is in love with Rosario, a bar dancer who mostly just humiliates him. When she marries the greedy bar owner, he is crushed. Out of spite, he marries an old, rich woman who had been obsessed with him. She dies on their wedding day leaving all her money to Franco. Sarita is serious, uptight and manages her family’s hacienda. Although she is beautiful, she would rather be with the horses than with boys her age. But then she and Franco fall in love after many incidents between them. She later comes out of her shell and learns that she can not control who she falls in love with.



Danna García as Norma Elizondo

Mario Cimarro as Juan Reyes

Paola Rey as Jimena Elizondo

Jorge Cao as Martín Acevedo

Alfonso Baptista as Óscar Reyes

Michel Brown as Franco Reyes

Gloria Gómez as Eva Rodríguez

Kristina Lilley as Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo

Natasha Klauss as Sarita Elizondo

Ana Lucía Domínguez as Libia Reyes / Ruth Uribe

Zharick León as Rosario Montes

Juan Sebastián Aragón as Armando Navarro

Juan Pablo Shuk as Fernando Escandón


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