Pecados Ajenos (The Sins of Others) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.

Natalia and Adrián are strangers who live in different cities but discover in an instant that they belong together. They were both married for over twenty years, and each has two beautiful young children. Their lives are quite similar—and both are unhappy and frustrated.[3] Destiny brings the two together when they are each on the verge of divorce.

When the pair falls madly in love, they face opposition from Elena, Adrián’s hysterical, paranoid and resentful wife, Rogelio, Natalia’s alcoholic husband who humiliates her, and Inés, who envies and hates Natalia while pretending to be her friend. Meanwhile Ágata, Natalia’s despotic mother-in-law, terrorizes the heroine’s life and has stripped her of the fortune which she inherited from her parents. Ágata teams up with Manuel, a treacherous and ambitious villain, to plot Natalia’s worst tragedy: separating her from her most beloved treasure, her children.[4]

Natalia and Adrián search for love, companionship and fulfillment on a road full of bitterness, disappointment and misunderstanding. Their story is closely related to that of their respective children. They must find love amid family conflict, jealousy and betrayal.[3] In the end we discover it was all a dream by Natalia while in a two year coma, and that everything is about to happen as she dreamt it.




Actor Character Known as
Lorena Rojas Natalia Ruiz main heroine, in love with Adrian
Mauricio Islas Adrián Torres main hero, in love with Natalia
Catherine Siachoque Inés Vallejo “friend”/enemy of Natalia, villain
Sonya Smith Elena Sandoval wife/ex-wife of Adrián, villain
Ariel López Padilla Rogelio Mercenario husband/ex-husband of Natalia, villain
Sebastián Ligarde Manuel accomplice of Ágata and Inés, villain
Lupita Ferrer Ágata Mercenario mother of Rogelio, villain
Daniel Lugo Marcelo Mercenario Agata’s ex-husband & Rogelio’s father, villain
Maritza Rodriguez Karen Vallejo Inés’s sister, mother of Charlie
Héctor Soberón Gary Mendoza friend of Adrián, husband of Ines
Alicia Plaza Mónica Rojas Best friend of Natalia, in love with Saul
Carlos Camacho Saúl Farrera Best friend and business partner of Adrián, Rossy’s husband
Chela Arias Raquel Sandoval mother of Elena
Raúl Izaguirre Eduardo Larios father of Ricardo, husband of Marisela, lawyer
Evelin Santos Gasparina Godoy police inspector
Mildred Quiroz Laura Aguilar mother of María
Roberto Huicochea Anselmo Aguilar father of María, villain
Hannah Zea Rossy Monica’s and Antonio’s daughter, wife of Saul
Andrés García Jr. Javier Alfaro Elsa’s father, lawyer
Arianna Coltellacci Chabela nosy friend of Mónica and Natalia
Mayte Vilán Marisela Bracamontes mother of Ricardo, co-worker of Adrian
Adela Romero Melinda (EX-)housekeeper in Ágata’s house
Nury Flores Lolita housekeeper in Anselmo’s house
Raúl Durán Benito Alejo Gamboa Moctesuma ex-husband of Melinda, father of Ramón, villain
Mariana Torres Denisse Torres daughter of Rogelio and Elena, in love with Charlie
Sofía Stamatiades Gloria Mercenario daughter of Natalia and Rogelio, in love with Alfredo, villain
Jencarlos Canela Alfredo Torres son of Adrián and Elena, in love with Gloria
Alonso Espeleta Luís Mercenario gay son of Natalia and Rogelio, in love with Hector
Pablo Portillo Héctor Acecas gay, lover of Luís
Roberto Plantier Charlie Vallejo son of Karen, in love with Denisse
Eduardo Cuervo Ricardo Larios boyfriend/ex-husband of Denisse, villain
Julio Ocampo Ramón Son of Melinda and Benito, villain
Giovanna del Portillo Daniela In love with Luís
Talina Duclaud Elsa Alfaro friend of Gloria, daughter of Javier

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