Dónde Está Elisa? (In English: Where is Elisa?) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.


The lives of the Altamira family are changed forever. Their lives are engulfed by the events in the disappearance of Elisa (Vanessa Pose), the oldest daughter of Mariano Altamira (Gabriel Porras) and Dana Riggs Altamira (Sonya Smith).

Once she disappears, we begin to learn the secrets of every member of the family and friends; the paranoias start, histories from the past, themes that were supposed to be buried. Then the recriminations among family members start.

In the midst of family conflicts many suspects come to light, among them family members (Elisa’s parents, uncles, cousins) fellow students, former and present Altamira employees, as well as friends that used to go to the same places that Elisa would frequent. Eventually Bruno (Roberto Mateos), her uncle, emerges as the kidnapper.

Despite the continual efforts to find Elisa, a more prominent theme is the disintegration of the Altamira clan. In the initial episode they look like one big happy clan, but there are many problems beneath that surface which come to light. A major theme of the story is the consequences of hypocrisy.



Actor Character Known as
Catherine Siachoque Cecilia Altamira Main villain, Wife of Bruno, sister of Mariano & Viviana, mother of Eduardo & Flor, ends in prison
Sonya Smith Dana Riggs Main heroine, mother of Elisa, Cristina and Olga, wife of Mariano, sister-in-law of Cecilia
Gabriel Porras Mariano Altamira Main hero, father of Elisa, husband of Danna, brother of Cecilia and Viviana
Jorge Luis Pila Cristóbal Rivas Main hero, detective, head of the case of missing Elisa
Omar Germenos José Ángel Rincón Husband of Viviana, father of Santiago, business partner of Mariano, homosexual, in love with Ricardo
Roberto Mateos Bruno Cáceres villain, has kidnapped Elisa, husband of Cecilia, father of Eduardo and Flor, business partner of Mariano, Viviana and Ricardo, killed by Cecilia
Ivelin Giró Viviana Altamira Wife of José Ángel, mother of Santiago, Sister of Mariano and Cecilia, sister-in-law of Danna
Ismael La Rosa Nicolás del Valle Best friend and business partner of Mariano, godfather of Elisa
Melvin Cabrera Ricardo de la Fuente First boyfriend of Viviana and her best friend
Karina Mora Gisela Cruz Detective, partner of Cristóbal
Claudia Moreno Isabel Ríos Secretary of Mariano, killed by Cecilia
Rubén Morales Néstor Salazar Prefect of the police department
Carlos Augusto Maldonado Esteban Briseño Detective, assistant of Cristóbal and Gisela, villain
Vanessa Pose Elisa Altamira Daughter of Mariano and Dana, killed by Cecilia
Carmen Aub Flor Cáceres Daughter of Cecilia and Bruno, sister of Eduardo
Mauricio Hénao Eduardo Cáceres Elder son of Cecilia and Bruno, brother of Flor
Jason Canela Santiago Rincón Son of Viviana and José Ángel
Gabriela Serrano Cristina Altamira Daughter of Mariano and Danna
Tania Nieto Olga Altamira Youngest daughter of Mariano and Danna

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